In 1968 it was raised from Public school to Inter College. Then in 1972, Degree classes were introduced . Since its establishment, College has shown progress both in the academic field as well as Extra curricular activities. It also holds the Pride of the 'Position Gaining College' in the town. The students of F.G. Sir Syed College are showing excellent results in every Department & Field they join after Graduating from the college, thus bringing a good name for the college.s





The first principal who had the privilege of heading the college was Prof. "Abdul Qadir Qureshi". His main achievement was the starting of Degree classes. Then Prof. "M. H. Hamdani " took over the charge in 1974. In 1982 Prof. Hamdani was selected to head an institution in Jeddah and Prof. "Amin Bhatti" took the charge in 1982. At the retirement of Prof. M Amin Bhatti, Prof. "Ghulam Sarwar" became the Principal in 1998 . After retirement of Prof. Ghulam Sarwar in December 2004, Prof. Muhammad Safdar Satti took over the position. Though he had a little time to serve but he done very well. In November 2005 Prof. Obaidullah Bhatti became principal. He is at present rowing this college with the same speed and stability and maintaining grandeur and shine. Since the establishment of this college, the college has upheld its name that is the name and cause of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on whose name this college was established.



In academic field, every year about three to six positions in the Federal Board Islamabad add to the grandeur of the college . The account of these positions have crossed a figure of Hundred (100) long time ago. Maniar times, seven positions have been snatched by the college. Besides these positions, every year A1 grades count to about 150 on average. Due to all round best results, this college has been declared many times as the best college of Federal Board.



The students passing every year maintains the name of the college in all the fields, whether Forces, Civil Service, Medical, Engineering, Law, Judiciary, Business, Banking, Industry or Arts. By the grace of God, This college holds the top position not only in Rawalpindi District but is also known in the country and even in the Foreign countries. Old students of this college have been holding key positions in the Federal and Provincial cabinets of the country.



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