Tests are held at regular intervals every month and at the end of each term. Proper record of the achievement of a students is maintained and parents are duly informed about it through the progress reports.
A student found using unfair means in a test / examination shall stand disqualified forthwith and will be required to re-appear in all the paper in a re-examination, if allowed by the Principal. Such a student may be asked to withdraw his name and migrate to some other college, on disciplinary grounds.
  Decemeber tests
The college attaches great importance to the December-Junuary (Send Up) Test as it has direct bearing over the performance of a student in the public examination. The Test is a regular feature of the academic discipline of the college and students at all classes are expected to take it in full seriousness. Admission forms of students who give poor performance in the Dec-Jan Test or are reported short of the required percentage of attendance will not be sent up to the Board/University.
  Federal board and home exams
The College is affiliated to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, which holds Part-1 and Part-II examinations or the First and Second Year class respectively. Name of a student who fails to qualify in at least four subjects in the Board stands dropped from the rolls. Students failing in three subjects are not eligible for re-admission.
Permission to continue studies in the college after promotion to class-XII and XIV shall not be claimed as a matter of right. Case of each student shall be examined and reviewed in the light of.
  His academic performance during the first and third year class(as the case may be).
  His regularity, punctuality and interest in studies as reported by the teachers.
  Confidential record of his conduct and behavior.
  Decision of the Principal in Council shall be binding on all students concerned and they may be asked to withdraw their names and migrate to other colleges.
  Minimum pass marks
It is strongly felt that standard of education can be raised not by lowering the required minimum pass percentage but by making the students strive for a higher standard so as to enable them to reach at least the minimum pass marks in the public examination. With this aim in view, this college may decide to raise the level of minimum pass marks from 33% to 40% in each subject.
Once a students has been accepted for admission into the College, it is taken for granted that all terms and conditions have been carefully read understood and accepted.
  Responsibility of parents
Parents are expected to share their part of responsibility by remaining in constant touch with the college administration, as undertaken by them at the time of admission to the college, of their sons/wards. The college is not bound to inform or communicate with them at every incident in which their sons/wards are involved
Parents are expected to see the Principal whenever called upon to doso. Reports send to them should not be treated as a matter of routine since they indicate symptoms which need to be cured before it is too late. It is always advisable to check up with the college administratrion personally or by telephone, when a report is received by them. Reports send to parents are entered on the personal file of the student and become part of his permanent record.
Parents are expected to inform the college about any change in their postal address or telephone numbers. The college assumes no responsibility if letters send to them are mis-delivered or are lost in transit due to change in their address.