Fee rules & regulations:
Name of a student shall stand struck off the rolls if he fails to pay his fees with in 07 days. Re-admission fee shall be Rs.5/- Habitual defaulters may be refused readmission in the college.
A student shall may not claim having paid fees for the month(s) previous to the one(s) indicated on the receipt. He may be asked to submit official receipts(s) in proof of his claim by the college authorities, as and when required. Students are, therefore, strongly
advised to keep, the receipts in safe custody.
Fees once paid are not refundable
The Security Deposit Shall stand lapsed, in favour of the college, after one year of declaration of final examination results.
Payment of fees and fines:
Until his name is formally withdrawn, a student is liable to pay the college fee and fines levied upon him. A student absenting himself without leave for more than six working days or having not paid his dues by the 20th of the month, is liable to have his name struck off the rolls of the college. Re-admission may be refused to habitual defaulters.
  Rates of fine
    i. Per lecture (General) Rs.1.00
    ii. Per lecture Pak.Studies & Islamic Studies. Rs.1.00
    iii. Per Day (5 or more periods) Rs.5.00
    iv. Per practical Rs.5.00
    v. Science breakage As per cost price
    i. Monthly Test
      a) Per paper Rs.10/-
      b) Per Test Rs. 50/-(max.)
    ii. Terminal Exam.
      a) Per paper Rs. 50/-(max.)
      b) Per Exam Rs.250/-(max.)
  Fee concession

A Fee Concession Committee, headed by a senior member of the staff, invites applications for the grant of concession at the beginning of each session.


Students are interviewed by the Committee and names of deserving students are recommended to the Principal for consideration.


The Principal has power to remit only half of the tuition fee of a limited number of deserving students.

  Good conduct and satisfactory progress in studies are essential requirements for the grant or continuance of fee concession.
Fee concession may be withdrawn for misconduct, irregularity in class attendance and poor academic performance.
Application for fee concession must be made on the prescribed form available from college office and it must be countersigned by the father/guardian of the applicant and duly verified by his employers in respect of monthly emolument drawn.
Half fee concession is granted to the students whose brothers or sisters are studying in the FGEIs(Cantt./Garrison).
Academic Session:
The academic session of the college commences in August each cyear and ends in just next year. However, financial year of the college closes on 30th April. Each session has two term breaks of about 10 days each at the end of December and at the beginning of April.

According to the Federal Board/University of the Punjab regulations, a student must attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each of his respective subjects failing which his admission form is not recommended for Federal Board/University examination. The same rule applies to science practicals in which there should be a minimum of 40 attendances.

Students may note that failure to pay college dues in time results in the lapse of admission and consequently loss of class attendance. In the duration their name remains struck off.
Due care should, therefore, be taken to ensure that class attendence is not affected on this score. Failure to have the required percentage of attendance by any student results in detention of the student.
  Students leave rules
A application are to be addressed to the Principal, on prescribed forms and clearly written in INK.
Leave for reasons other than illness must be applied for before a student avails himself of it.
Urgent piece of work is to be specified and clearly stated.
Ordinarily, leave for more than three days should not be applied for when a student has to attend to some private or personal affair needing his immediate attendance.
Applications for THREE or more than three days should countersigned by a parent or the legal guardian.
A Medical Certificate (MC) should be attached to the application in the following cases:-
Illness lasting five days or more.
Illness immediately Before and After the Spring, Summer and winter vacation.
    c) Illness on the days when class Tests and Terminal Examination are held.
Long Leave (for 5 or more days) to attend marriage celebrations is not granted.
Application for grant of leave to appear before the ISSB Kohat or CMB, Karachi must be accompanied by a Photostat copy of the cell letter.
In case of sudden illness, DURING or BEFORE a test or examination, a student is required to submit his application, along with MC immediately. Applications received AFTER the test or examinations shall NOT be entertained. If there is nobody at home to take the application to college, it should be sent by POST.
The name of a student absenting himself for 5 or more than five days in any subject will be struck off the College Rolls.
Name of a student stands struck off the rolls if he remains absent without leave for six or more than six working days during a month. Habitual defaulters are likely to be refused re-admission.




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